Yes! We are opening on 9th January 2016 in the heart of Lisbon.

Ministry of Yoga comes with the philosophy of accepting all styles of yoga, embracing yoga in all shapes and forms its more about finding what suits and fulfills your needs as a yogi.

The principle teacher, Zoe has studied yoga across Australia, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and Portugal.  Combining East and West styles of yoga practice enabling her to bring a holistic approach to her teachings.

If you have never tried yoga, now is the time . If you have tried, try again you’ll never know the day yoga clicks and becomes a way of life.  Benefits are unlimited however those most commonly described are:

  • Weight loss and body toning
  • Reduced Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  • Injury prevention through improved strength and flexibility of muscles and deep tissue fibers
  • Reduced neck and back pain especially for those who are engaged in office type work
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Increased lung capacity (known to helped runners, swimmers and many other professional athletes)
  • Improved posture and balance

Ministry of Yoga welcomes you to try 3 classes for an introductory price of 20 euro (for 3 x 1 hour sessions) a saving of 33%. Stay connected on Facebook: Ministry of Yoga for more news on the opening.



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