Summer Lovin 2018

Summer Lovin 2018

It’s so easy to fall in love with Lisbon in the summer…. or perhaps all year round for those romantics among us.  Before we know it will be 30 degrees everyday and many chances to enjoy the seaside and warm nights in the city.

Here at the yoga studio we will maintain a robust schedule so you can book your yoga practice into the day along with trips to the beach and socialising with friends.  We also love having new faces, so whether you are here staying for a few days, a week or many moons we welcome you with a smile and a yoga mat.  Many travellers have made friends and learnt the best tips of places to eat around town (the local knowledge) after class.

Whats coming this month?

  • Saturday 9th June- Fundraising Event We have teamed up with Vamos Ajudar o Martim and Hope into the World to raise funds for Martims ongoing medical and therapy costs.  There are 2 donation classes lead by Daniela Cardoso: 10am Yoga Nidra & 3pm Vinyasa flow. The sessions have a min. donation of €8. To register for this special event contact Daniela directly:

To find out more about the cause here is Martims Website and  FaceBook Event

  • Monday 18th June- 21 Day Yoga and Health Eating Programme begins again online and in the studio (you can do a blend or all online).  Daily yoga can be hard to commit to but once begun it can change your life.  It helps reduce stress, anxiety and improve mood.  We know it can be difficult or expensive to practice at a studio everyday so we created videos to help on those days where you are short on time or saving money.  In addition you will be supported by an online weekly coaching session and a workbook. To find out more check our facebook event: 21 Day Programme Event


  • Thursday 21st June- One of my favourite days of the year! International Yoga Day.  Each year to pay homage to our yoga teachers and all those who have come before us, we host a free event 108 Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations). Whether you can manage 108, 12, 36, 54 we invite you all to be a part of this moving meditation.  One will be led at sunrise and one at sunset.  For ease this is 7:15am and 7:15pm,  we will meet at the studio and walk to a local park to set up our practice- kicking off at 7:30am/pm. If you dont have a yoga mat, register online through our booking app and pick one up for the studio (12 yoga mats available- otherwise bring your own mat)- 108 Sun Salutation Mat Hire

Please note the studio will close for the Lisbon Saints Festival from 12noon Tuesday 12th June to 11am Thursday 14th June.  We have added an extra class Tuesday morning 9:30am so we can still get a Vinyasa Flow on before we take off for the holiday.

So many more exciting things lined up for July/August as a number of our teachers will be traveling around the world to absorb new yoga teachings and knowledge to bring back to Lisbon (such as our very own Rocket teacher)! September is looking like a new phase of practice will bloom within the studio…. but I dont want to wish the summer away, lets sit back and enjoy the moment one breath at a time.

Love and warmth to you all,

Zoe and The MoY TeaM




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