A Lesson in Impermanence

A Lesson in Impermanence

Take a deep belly breath and a loooooong exhale…. it is often how I reset my thoughts, nerves, prana, it is also how I end savasana as I detach from the deep state of meditation. Everything is impermanent… including this post.

Today I will do the same as I detach from the option of outdoor classes at Hotel Gat Rossio. Unfortunately the Government applied some rapid changes over the weekend which made it near impossible for us to continue classes at the private terrace inside the hotel. Hotels are now required to verify clients as Covid free as they enter (similar to restaurants), this comes in the form of vaccination certificates, 48hour testing cert. or on the spot rapid testing. This would mean we would basically have to ask students to test before entering the building to go to the terrace. At this stage it is not viable for both of the businesses to continue this way, so we will suspend the classes until further information is provided or restrictions lifted.

We do know how important it is to maintain practice so here are some options with our Ministry of Yoga Teachers who also work as independents:

  • Miri teaches twice a week in a garden near Graça 9am Tuesday and 10am Sunday. Info/Book: @mirimeditates
  • Lena teaches twice a week near Estrela 9am Tuesday and 9:15am Thursday. Info/Book: @leni.love
  • Zoe will be teaching at a Co-Working Terrace near Saldanha 6pm Tuesday and 8:30am Friday Info/Book: Zoe
  • Our online youtube classes are available if you want to practice at home, 20 varied classes for €25. Contact Zoe
  • Private Classes can be arranged at the studio, at your home or outdoors. Contact: Zoe

You wont be able to use your MoY pass for these above classes as they do not go through our mindbody booking system however get in touch with the teacher to check price and availability of the outdoor classes.

All MoY passes will be extended for this temporary closure, if you are leaving Lisbon permanently please get in touch with Zoe: ztaylorministry@gmail.com to arrange a refund.

Thank you for all those who came to our week of wonderful classes at Hotel Gat Rossio, it really was a great experience. The staff are fantastic at the hotel and we will continue to work together to find solutions. There is no doubt change and impermanence exist Anitya, Anitya, Anitya.

Until the next post,

Zoe and the MoY Team.

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