Bom Ano Novo!

Bom Ano Novo!

Happy New Year! 

Wow what a year, it has been magnificent to be able to continue in-person classes for the entire year. It’s interesting how the lessons of covid still brings gratitude for the everyday occurrence. Gratitude that we can gather and be in presence with each other. I hope this stays for years to come.

We finished 2022 with a wonderful Trilogy of 3 workshops diving deep into the desires of the self. Thank you Julie and Daya for bringing this series to life.

This year had cultivated exciting moments and 2023 without a doubt will too… we will unfold them like a lotus, no need to rush to see the final piece, petal by petal we will expand. 

The first petal to unfold will be our wonderful 7th Anniversary celebrations. 


A fun filled Sunday of free (donation based) classes. All contributions will go directly to your respective teacher on the day. This is a gift of thanks to all the teachers who offer their time, knowledge and commitment on a weekly basis at MoY. It’s with them we can expand and grow, individually and collectively.

So we invite you to join us for our 7th birthday celebrations, whether you are new to MoY or an existing practitioner you are ALL welcome.

Take a look at our festive schedule: 

9:30am Morning Flow with Jaquelina 

11am Inversion Flow with Ines

12:30 Hatha with Milena

2pm Rocket 75’ with Zoe

4pm Yin with Daya

5:30pm Pranayama + Flow with Miri

Book through the website 


Mindbody App

Cancelation Policy: Even though they are free to attend, please ensure you cancel 3 hours or more before any class you have booked and cannot attend. Some classes are already full so this will free up the space for another yogi to practice.

We are looking forward to celebrating Yoga with you!

Zoe and the MoY Team

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