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Yoga Summer in Lisboa

Yoga Summer in Lisboa

Dear Yogi’s,

Let’s start with a review of April where we initiated the first 21day yoga challenge in the studio which saw the love of yoga expand deeper for new and existing yogi’s.  The studio was full of shared energy, concentration, focus, smiles and disciplined yoga practice.  Congratulations to all who participated, it’s not easy to put your name forward to attend but once you start, the benefits are endless.  If you would like to stay up to date for the next 21 day challenge (beginning 4th July) please subscribe to our events on FaceBook and email your details to


Inversion SupThe Yoga Inversion Workshop we hosted on 7th May turned out to be the best place in Lisbon! Whilst it poured with rain outside, we stayed dry and put our bodies in all sorts of weird and wonderful places.  With almost a full studio, we had a blast with yogis from many different yoga backgrounds, countries and journeys.  The main thing is that we all took away some new ideas to keep working on during our own practice.  Thank you to all who inverted!


A Night of Nidra and Trataka at the end of May came as a welcome practice of the 5th and 6th limbs of Patanjali’s 8 limbs of yoga.  Often yoga is thought of as postures (asanas) for the body however it is so much deeper when you explore breath, meditation and mindfulness.  Looking forward to sharing another Nidra Night with you.

What’s Coming Next????….

  • International Yoga Day Tuesday June 21st Free Event… details to be provided on FaceBook- Ministry of Yoga
  • New online class booking system to launch in June
  • 21 Day Challenge commencing July 4th – See Events tab for more information
  • Inversions level 1 July 30th – See Events Tab

Studio Closure:

Public Holidays 10th, 11th 12th, 13th June (Fri to Mon) classes will resume Tuesday 14th

We welcome enquiries on +351 937 237 229 or

Yoga in Lisboa

Yoga in Lisboa

Olá MOY Members,

Wow how time flies when you’re having fun!!! It has been great to welcome all the new yogis to the studio, sharing their passion and commitment to the practice.
Everything…. However let’s be a little more detailed.
We have commenced weekly Sanskrit learnings on Yamas, Nyamas and Asanas (the first three limbs of Pantanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga). This week’s Yama is Aparigraha- nonhoarding/detachment of material possessions.  Nobody should be defined by what or how much they own.  Our character can be measured through the contribution to a greater, safer and inclusive society.  Aparigraha can help individuals release negative thoughts and find an inner contentment, shifting further from external or material pleasures.
Also we have begun working on a Drishti (focus) wall, something to gaze at or contemplate when a little extra support is required. You can add you own words when you arrive or depart the studio, just request the letters. Each week it grows with love and connection to yoga.
WHAT’S NEXT? Announcing some exciting events arising throughout the next 2 months
  • LISBON YOGA FESTIVAL. Fabulous bi-annual event where you can taste all kinds of Yoga . I’ll be teaching two classes on 20th March- 10am Power Vinyasa Yoga (90mins) & 12noon Beginners Yoga (50mins) Would love to see you there? Check out the full schedule here:
  • CHALLENGE! 21 days of yoga commencing Mon 4th- Sun 24th April.  Here’s the deal: practice 5 x yoga at the studio, 1 x home practice & 1 x rest day each week for 3 WEEKS!  This practice will help break old habits both physically and mentally. Are you ready to give yourself the gift of yoga? More Info online soon, including the prize for 1 lucky winner.
  • INVERSION YOGA WORKSHOP Saturday 7th May 2pm-4pm. Get upside down, learn the art of controlled headstands, tripods and begin the preparations for handstand and forearm balances. Life is better standing on your head

Inversion Workshop

Pre-register your interest for the challenge and workshop through email: or facebook: Ministryofyoga/facebook

March 27th Good Friday-Closed
March 28th Easter Saturday-Closed
April 25th Freedom Day-Closed
Get in touch if you have any questions
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Yes! We are opening on 9th January 2016 in the heart of Lisbon.

Ministry of Yoga comes with the philosophy of accepting all styles of yoga, embracing yoga in all shapes and forms its more about finding what suits and fulfills your needs as a yogi.

The principle teacher, Zoe has studied yoga across Australia, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and Portugal.  Combining East and West styles of yoga practice enabling her to bring a holistic approach to her teachings.

If you have never tried yoga, now is the time . If you have tried, try again you’ll never know the day yoga clicks and becomes a way of life.  Benefits are unlimited however those most commonly described are:

  • Weight loss and body toning
  • Reduced Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  • Injury prevention through improved strength and flexibility of muscles and deep tissue fibers
  • Reduced neck and back pain especially for those who are engaged in office type work
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Increased lung capacity (known to helped runners, swimmers and many other professional athletes)
  • Improved posture and balance

Ministry of Yoga welcomes you to try 3 classes for an introductory price of 20 euro (for 3 x 1 hour sessions) a saving of 33%. Stay connected on Facebook: Ministry of Yoga for more news on the opening.