A Change is as Good as a Holiday

A Change is as Good as a Holiday

What do you think? Do you like to mess up your routine once in awhile? Go on a holiday? Change jobs? Perhaps even a simple change, such as re-arranging the furniture in your lounge room.  They say “a change is as good as a holiday”

Maybe you are already on holiday in sunny Lisbon? and we want to keep you yoga-ing all through the summer months, to do so we have a modified our regular schedule to 3-4 classes a day.  The new schedule is all up to date here: Online Timetable

We will welcome you into our friendly, local and international community of Lisbon with 18 diverse classes each week over summer.   MoY is a space to switch off the external noise and delve deeper into your self, unencumbered by burden or expectations.  Whether you are brand new to yoga or have practiced for many years, the teachers provide a safe environment for you to explore the shapes and methods of yogic practices.  Not only do we offer both dynamic and restorative sessions, we also value bringing yoga into a way of life through the study of yoga sutras (philosophy).

We have a number of pricing options however if you are here for a week or so why not pick up a 3 class pack for 20euros (available once) that way you’ll be sure to fit in time for yoga during your holidays.

Get in touch if you need help booking a class email: ztaylorministry@gmail.com or WhatsApp/Ph Call +351 937 237 228

We hope to meet you soon.

Zoe and the MoY TeaM




Learn and Grow with Yoga

Learn and Grow with Yoga

Spring is a time for growth and abundance! We have plenty of that coming up at the studio over the next few months. The Ministry of Yoga concept is to embrace many styles of yoga, allowing a practitioner to have a wide and varied experience and exposure to the methods of finding Samadhi (state of bliss in being). Below is a summary of who will join us on a regular basis as well as workshops and events.

To begin with I would like to welcome Faye Cawley to our teaching team who begins regular weekly meditations on Wednesday evening 8-9pm.  Be prepared to grow again in your yogic practices.

Sat Preet (Milagros) has returned to MoY on a permanent basis to share Kundalini Yoga teachings with our community, you will now find her offering a lunch time practice at 1pm-2pm Tuesday.

Deepa Bidd has a number of projects on the go and has decided to reduce her Forrest Yoga teachings to the one class per week Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm, we are so happy she can still come to share her knowledge.

Kit Emilson has a new style to bring to MoY, Strong Slow Flow.  Expect a creative, dynamic sequence which gives you time to move mindfully whilst transitioning and holding asanas. This is also suitable for all levels (beginners welcome).

Some of the amazing affordable workshops shared in English over the next 2months

  • TRE (Trauma Release Exercise) with Franziska Nuernberger from Berlin (Ger) 23/3 & 27/4
  • Chinese Meridians and Qi Theory with Hayley Enright (USA) 29/3 &12/4
  • Full 2hour Rocket Series with Ruby Morris (UK) 24/3
  • Kirtan with Leti Ghi (SWIS/UK) and Sankalpa -Manifesting Truth Workshop 28/4

All bookings can be made through our Mindbody Application https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/mainclass?fl=true&tabID=7

It’s important that as we grow we remind ourselves that the studio space remains at maximum 10 mats per class,  we love the community that is created from our small space however it is super necessary to commit to your bookings, if for some reason you are prevented in attending a pre-booked class please give a minimum of 3hours notice (ideally 1 full day) and cancel your reservation for someone else to have an opportunity to practice.  We do not instill a penalty as we understand that unexpected things happen but to keep it this way we do need dedication and respect to your fellow yogis and teachers.

Any questions on suitability of classes for you? please contact us ztaylorministry@gmail.com or phone +351 937 237 228

The studio will be closed for Easter, no classes Friday 19th & Saturday 20th April.

Warmest regards

Zoe and the MoY Team

Boas Festas

Boas Festas

Hello Wonderful Souls and thank you for stopping by our news page!

The leaves have turned and fallen from the trees, Lisbon welcomes in a mild moist winter.  We have had the pleasure of a Rocket Immersion lead by Ruby and Kirtan by Leti this month which has brought many smiles and joy to warm the hearts of yogis.

We are delighted that many of our teachers will be spending time with family and friends this year, and with an international teaching crew this means we do need to close the studio for a couple of days.  We are closed from Sunday 23rd Dec until 2nd January when we resume a full schedule. All current memberships will be paused for 10days.

Some exciting things are planned by our team for January-March so keep an eye out on our Facebook Events (www.facebook.com/ministryofyoga) and Instagram story @ministryofyoga

Including one of biggest events of the year…. Our 3rd Birthday Festival 12th January 2019

Save the date and come along for donation based classes all day!

For any urgent phone enquiries during this New Year period contact Ruby +351 910 849 792 or email ztaylorministry@gmail.com

Warm wishes and happy festivities,

Zoe and the MoY Team.

Full Schedule in Flow

Full Schedule in Flow

Hello Yogi’s,

Welcome back to all those who have returned from Summer vacation, welcome to those who have moved to Lisbon, welcome those who are visiting this fabulous city on your travels.

We have returned to our full yoga schedule + more!

  • Ruby has begun sharing her knowledge of Rocket Yoga Mondays 10:30hr
  • Juliana has set up more morning Vinyasa Flow classes Tuesday and Thursday 9-10hr
  • With mornings being so popular in May/June we have doubled the classes and invited Carol and Kit to be on our regular teaching team. We love having more people to learn from.
  • Deepa returns to lead Forrest Yoga classes 19th September…… we can’t wait!
  • Lauren returned last week to pick up her Kundalini class every Wednesday 20hr
  • Rita is back teaching her regular lunchtime slots…. including Ashtanga LED
  • Zoe (me) will lead an Inversions Workshop Saturday 15th September with great new techniques from recent trainings in Poland.
  • 21 day yoga and healthy eating programme with Zoe & Kris (Yoga Flavours) begins October- with added features, pranayama, mindfulness and yoga guide!

All in all, we are happy to be back on the mat with 28 classes a week to choose from, come chat to us about your yoga needs. From beginner to advanced, whether you are here for 1 week, 1 month or 1 year+, we are happy to help you find your flow, style and teacher!

Zoe and the MoY TeaM

ph: +351 937 237 228

e: ztaylorministry@gmail.com

fb: www.facebook.com/ministryofyoga

P.S Big shout out to Irene, Erin, Mili and Mel D for helping us over this 2018 Summer Season we couldnt have done it without you all.

Are you trying to call us?

Are you trying to call us?

Are you trying to book your class via phone call? I promise we are not lying down on the job…. although we do love savasana.  I (Zoe) am out of the country studying and my voice recording/forwarding did not work, apologies! However the good news is all of our emails and facebook messages still get through if you need to make a manual booking (rather than the app).

In the meantime the studio remains fully functional with our sensational bunch of yoga teachers.  If you need an urgent booking or help you can contact our managers:

  • Deepa Bidd (15th-31st July) +351 930 548 867
  • Ruby Morris (1st-19th August) +351 910 849 792

The schedule is running at 19 classes per week until 1st September when all the teachers will return from travel, study and rest time.  Look out for new classes and styles being included into our timetable, lets grow again!


Also for the month of July we have been hosting an Access Bars professional, Charlene from Harmonize You . Book in until the end of this month (July) to GET YOUR BARS RUN!

Access bars is a technique that releases the electromagnetic charge of thoughts, feelings and emotions holding all the limitations in place over lifetimes and in your body. They delete all of the limiting points of views creating limitation, giving you access to your consciousness. Access bars has assisted thousands of people to change many aspects of their lives. People report better health, ease of sleep, weight loss, better sex and relationships, relief from anxiety, less stress and so much more! A session cost 30euro and available in packs of 3 for a discount.

Contact Charlene to arrange a session of Access Bars: charlene@harmonizeyou.com

May you all have time of rest during this sunny time of year.

Até a próxima aula (until the next class)

Zoe and The MoY Team


Summer Lovin 2018

Summer Lovin 2018

It’s so easy to fall in love with Lisbon in the summer…. or perhaps all year round for those romantics among us.  Before we know it will be 30 degrees everyday and many chances to enjoy the seaside and warm nights in the city.

Here at the yoga studio we will maintain a robust schedule so you can book your yoga practice into the day along with trips to the beach and socialising with friends.  We also love having new faces, so whether you are here staying for a few days, a week or many moons we welcome you with a smile and a yoga mat.  Many travellers have made friends and learnt the best tips of places to eat around town (the local knowledge) after class.

Whats coming this month?

  • Saturday 9th June- Fundraising Event We have teamed up with Vamos Ajudar o Martim and Hope into the World to raise funds for Martims ongoing medical and therapy costs.  There are 2 donation classes lead by Daniela Cardoso: 10am Yoga Nidra & 3pm Vinyasa flow. The sessions have a min. donation of €8. To register for this special event contact Daniela directly: hopeintotheworld@gmail.com

To find out more about the cause here is Martims Website and  FaceBook Event

  • Monday 18th June- 21 Day Yoga and Health Eating Programme begins again online and in the studio (you can do a blend or all online).  Daily yoga can be hard to commit to but once begun it can change your life.  It helps reduce stress, anxiety and improve mood.  We know it can be difficult or expensive to practice at a studio everyday so we created videos to help on those days where you are short on time or saving money.  In addition you will be supported by an online weekly coaching session and a workbook. To find out more check our facebook event: 21 Day Programme Event


  • Thursday 21st June- One of my favourite days of the year! International Yoga Day.  Each year to pay homage to our yoga teachers and all those who have come before us, we host a free event 108 Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations). Whether you can manage 108, 12, 36, 54 we invite you all to be a part of this moving meditation.  One will be led at sunrise and one at sunset.  For ease this is 7:15am and 7:15pm,  we will meet at the studio and walk to a local park to set up our practice- kicking off at 7:30am/pm. If you dont have a yoga mat, register online through our booking app and pick one up for the studio (12 yoga mats available- otherwise bring your own mat)- 108 Sun Salutation Mat Hire

Please note the studio will close for the Lisbon Saints Festival from 12noon Tuesday 12th June to 11am Thursday 14th June.  We have added an extra class Tuesday morning 9:30am so we can still get a Vinyasa Flow on before we take off for the holiday.

So many more exciting things lined up for July/August as a number of our teachers will be traveling around the world to absorb new yoga teachings and knowledge to bring back to Lisbon (such as our very own Rocket teacher)! September is looking like a new phase of practice will bloom within the studio…. but I dont want to wish the summer away, lets sit back and enjoy the moment one breath at a time.

Love and warmth to you all,

Zoe and The MoY TeaM




Spring in the Asana

Spring in the Asana

Ola Yogis,

Spring is in the air with Sauca (Cleanliness) and Santosa (Contentment) guiding our dharma talks and satsang at the studio for the beginning of  the season.  There are many ways to shift impurities of the mind, cleansing jealousy, greed, anger and ego however for me the most powerful way is to practice Pranayama, Asana and Dharana (single focus meditation).  Soon the jealousy shifts to inspriation, the greed into contribution to others, anger into a path to change my actions and ego into humbleness to honour all those who have come before me.  Purposefully guiding the mind into a space of expanding inner contentment during seated meditation helps me locate this place when I need it most.  Cleansing the emotional and mental bodies daily is an important practice just as we wash our physical body in the shower.  Everyday we experience new things, some moments leave lasting impressions and imprints, although we cannot change the past we can learn to cleanse the past from things that cause harm to us.  Just like showering, you dont do it just once and stay clean forever, a clean kitchen soon turns to mess after a beautiful home cooked meal, the emotional body is designed to get messy and requires to be cleansed.  Share with us your methods of cleansing (not the house…. but the emotions!).  We hope your spring clean is as deep as ours has been!

Coming up……..

OutsideThe 21 Day Challenge is now available online!  Kris Oak and I have joined our passions of yoga and healthy eating to bring you a new lifestyle coaching programme.  There is an amazing e-book full of Kris’ vegan recipes and I have recorded 3x 60min yoga practices (Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa flow).  However the most important aspect of this programme is the live coaching sessions….. you will have us as your personal yoga and healthy eating coaches for the full 21 days, conducting a group session every wednesday evening 19:30 (GMT) and answering questions in the private FB Group.  The programmes first addition starts Monday April 2nd and will be facilitated every 3months. To learn more check out the facebook page Yoga Flavours or email kris@krisoak.com


Our Resident Massage Therapist for April is the marvelous Katharina Harnack offering Ayurvedic Therapies at the studio inbetween class times.  Katharina has completed a 140-hour training in Ayurvedic Massage Therapy with Gagori Mitra Gupta in India (certified by the Government of India). She has studied Ayurvedic nutrition, lifestyle and philosophy with Josef Rubin (USA) and has completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training with a focus on Ayurveda with Julie Blumenthal / ISHTA Berlin (Yoga Alliance registered).Katharina H

Want more information about Katharina and her magic therapies? click here:  fb.me/AyurvedicMassageLisbon

Booking a session email: ayurvedalisbon@gmail.com or call: +351 934 949 594
Prices: 60 mins – €50, 90 mins – €70, 120 mins – €85
Reflexology (90 mins) – €70

 Full body Abhyanga + Reflexology (150 mins) – €100

Lastly we know its been difficult to book some classes with our beautiful little space being booked up in advance, however due to last minute cancellations often we have 2-3 mats available at each practice so dont be shy in turning up and trying your luck….. we do take standby clients and often know 10mins beforehand of late cancellations. Alternatively request a private session that way you’ll have a guaranteed mat, prices start from 40ph.

That’s it for now…. we will be closed Good Friday and Easter Saturday 30th&31st March.

Zoe & the MoY TeaM




Festive Season 2017/18

Festive Season 2017/18

Studio Closure dates 23rd Dec-1st Jan (first class back 2nd Jan)

“The best present is to be present, turn up, switch on and show love”

The yoga studio will be closed for a few days over the New Year period however we will return with a super-sized January!

6th January is our 2 year anniversary and we will fill the space with a fun mini-festival “Sublime Saturday” . Opportunities to practice ALL DAY for just a 5euro donation per class. The schedule :

  • 9:30am-10:45am Morning Flow and Pranayama with Zoe (*members attend for free)
  • 11am-12:15pm Forrest Yoga with Deepa
  • 12:30-2pm Introduction to Ashtanga with Rita
  • 2:30-4pm Workshop with Kris Oak Holistic Health Coach “Why Eating a Healthy Diet has Never Been More Difficult and How You Can Change that with 5 Easy Steps”
  • 4:30pm-5:45pm Flow with Ruby

To register click Here search classes 6th January.

8th January marks the beginning of our 21 day Vrata practice. The festive season can take its toll on the physical and mental body.  Why not join us for a reset and personal commitment practice? Details of whats included and how to register: 21 Days of Vrata

Note: A special 2018 collaboration with an International Registered Yoga Teacher Training School (RYTT)

18th March-25th March 2018 Pre and Post Natal (Pregnancy) Yoga Teacher Training Intensive (non-residential) 85hrs- here at Ministry of Yoga Lisbon, Portugal.

This is a limited offer of 7 spaces to current Yoga Teachers looking to advance their knowledge and gain qualification to help women pre and post childbirth.  This course is only being held once during 2018 in Portugal through this specific training school.  Email Zoe ztaylorministry@gmail.com for more information on how to register.

That’s it for us in 2017!

The MoY Team wishes you and your family a wonderful, safe festive season.


Lisbon Yoga Scene is Warming Up!

Lisbon Yoga Scene is Warming Up!

Ola Yogis,

As we mover into the cooler months of Lisbon living, why not keep your inner heat glowing with the practise of yoga.  The yogic philosophy of Tapas (to burn) is about managing and sustaining your energy, passion, motivation, your inner flame.  No need to hibernate in winter, there are ways to keep your mood positive, creativity flowing and general health above the cold season.

Rita AmaralWe are excited to introduce a fabulous Ashtanga Yoga teacher, Rita Amaral who will be keeping you stay active during your lunch break 13h (1pm) Mondays and Wednesdays as of 4th December 2017.  If you have never practiced Ashtanga Mysore style before, Rita will guide you through the primary series helping you gain knowledge and confidence in your journey towards self practise.  All experienced Ashtangis also welcome. Instagram; @rita_ashtangayoga

More Winter Warmers Coming your Way:

  • The MoY Team can be found at the 5th edition Lisbon Yoga Festival, Deepa will be guiding Forrest Yoga Sat 25th Nov.  Zoe will be flowing with a Yin Yang for Freedom of the Heart Sunday 26th Nov.  Tickets for the festival are on sale now: www.lisbonyohafestival.com
  • Learn to experience the 5th and 6th Limbs of yoga with our meditations on Yoga Nidra and Trataka- Thursday 23rd November 8pm  To Book
  • Special Event 108 Om Chants (Winter Soltice Event)- 21st December To Book


Yoga Retreats

The summer sun is in full swing in Lisbon this August… loads of yoga, loads of heat, loads of fun!

Looking for a yoga retreat in Portugal?

Each summer Portugal hosts many yoga retreats, it seems the perfect European location for sun, relaxation, water and calmness.  I highly recommend trying one for yourself, this week I will be taking a few days out to recharge at a yoga retreat too, hence why you might have noticed the schedule is a little different 16th-21st August. Deepa will be teaching daily Vinyasa classes and Cris will fill in on 8pm Yin Yoga Thursday.

O Bosque

I’ll also be teaching yoga at the O Bosque farm retreat in Alentejo from 15th-18th September 2017.  6 yoga sessions, vegetarian food, options to camp or stay in the homestead, swims in the pool, meditation walks, time for yourself.  Deepen your yogic practice, physically, energetically and mentally.  More information: www.facebook.com/obosque.estremoz

Other Events

  • Inversions, Headstands to handstands, Saturday September 9th 2017, information here: Workshops
  • 21 Days Daily Yoga Challenge starts 2nd October to register email: ztaylorministry@gmail.com (limited numbers apply). More info:  21 Day Challenge

Happy Summer Days!

Zoe (and the Moy Team)