Forrest Yoga in Lisbon

Forrest Yoga in Lisbon

Ministry of Yoga Welcomes Deepa Bidd to Lisbon!

Deepa is a certified 300hr Forrest Yoga Teacher, an Advanced Clinical and Remedial Massage Therapist and Reflexologist.  She is currently completing a 500hr advanced teacher training with Tiffany Cruikshank of Yoga Medicine.  As well as working privately, Deepa has worked for the NHS as a complementary therapist in oncology care.  Deepa has worked with a range of people from all walks of life: new mums, people with cancer and terminal illness, people who have suffered physical and emotional trauma. She has trained with leading practitioners and trainers in their fields including the JING Institute of Advanced Clinical Massage, Tony Porter (Advanced Reflexology Techniques), Mauricio Kruchik (Maternity & Pregnancy Reflexology) and Ana Forrest, the founder of Forrest Yoga. Deepa’s experience and ongoing training has helped to develop an intuitive sense for locating restrictions in the body where, often, there is an emotional aspect attached.  Her sessions focus on improving body awareness and creating more space and freedom in the body.  We are so lucky to be hosting Deepa over the next 2months and perhaps beyond firstly with a workshop and secondly an opportunity to practice every week (6 week course).

 Forrest Yoga 2hr Workshop 25th June 2017 Sunday 11am-1pm.

Unravel tension in the Neck and Shoulders with Forrest Yoga.   

This workshop will introduce you to the healing and strengthening practice of Forrest Yoga. You will learn to use breath and awareness to access areas of tension and pain. We will focus particularly on the neck and shoulders.  You will learn how soften parts which are being overused and activate the deeper, structural musculature within the neck, shoulder girdle and core.  This workshop is suitable for all levels of yoga, including beginners.

€20 payable in cash at studio

Register your spot through Mindbody booking app: Click here to open booking page

Forrest Yoga 6 week Introductory Course

(Daytime and Evening Options)
Join this 6 week course to learn the foundations of Forrest Yoga.
Forrest yoga is built on 5 pillars: breath, strength, integrity, spirit and going deeper. The unique sequencing in Forrest yoga is brilliant for building strength, stability and flexibility, with a strong focus on breath, generating energy in the core and unwinding the next, shoulders and hips. The Forrest yoga practice is very effective for creating healing around injuries.  Through the course of 6 weeks we will learn the basic principles of the Forrest Yoga system and alignment techniques to improve your body awareness, breathe deeper and strengthen your core.
This course is suitable for new beginners and those with experience in any discipline of yoga.
€40 for 6 x 1hr sessions of Forrest Yoga.
For convenience of time, Deepa is offering a daytime and evening course option:
  • 12:30-13:30 Mondays beginning 26th June (daytime)
  • 20:00-21:00 Wednesdays beginning 28th June (evening)
To register for the 6 week course email or call Deepa:
+351 930 548 867