Yoga Teacher/Founder- Zoe Taylor

Originally from the island Tasmania,  Australia, it wasn’t until Zoe moved to Melbourne in 2010 where she discovered Yoga’s incredible capabilities of nourishing the body, mind and spirit.  Undertaking her foundation teacher training in 2013, Zoe then traveled extensively through Europe, Australia, India, Sri Lanka and Nepal building on her experience and understanding of the benefits of yoga. Zoe has since completed over 550hrs of registered training as well as numerous stays in ashrams, meditation centres and retreats.  Since dedicating every day life to yoga, along with opening the studio in 2016, Zoe has led over 4000 classes, in groups, privates, corporates, festivals, conferences and online.  Zoe’s classes include a strong Vinyasa flow for those looking for a dynamic, creative, physical practice.  Hatha Yoga which delves into the tradition of yoga as medicine for the body and mind. Yin as a grounded, deep, mindful release of the joints and connective tissue.  All of the practices incorporate, philosophy, asana and meditation for the body, mind and spirit helping you along your journey on and off the yoga mat.

Yoga Teacher Lena Sundermeier

Lena has always been passionate about fitness, starting her career as a personal trainer and sports therapist. In 2012 she discovered yoga.  As her interest grew she decided to practice at the source of Ashtanga yoga in Mysore, India at the Shri K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute to deepen her practice and learn more about the philosophy. Being inspired to learn much more about yoga she went back to India several times and absolved as well a 500hrs Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training.  Her classes include a strong dynamic flow with awareness of synchronisation of breath and movement, mindfully practiced asanas and space to explore the beauty of yoga.

Yoga Teacher Sonia McInerney

Sonia started practicing yoga at the age of 17 and fell in love with what the practice exposed within her. Her previous background in sports and dance hadn’t given her the same opportunity that yoga showed her which was the tools necessary to go inward. Sonia teaches Vinyasa Flow style and loves to mix in her creativity of movement with the knowledge she obtained from therapeutic techniques to aid in healing oneself as well as a incorporating it as a preventative form of injury. Sonia’s playful manner and unique combinations of asanas and breath work are always met with a deep sense of professional and respect for the ancient practice that is Yoga. Sonia has experience teaching in Toronto, Canada before moving to teach full time in a retreat setting here in Portugal. You can now find Sonia teaching at two studios in Portugal, as well as offering guided meditations and one one one sessions.

Yoga Teacher Miri Shalini

Miri has made it her soul-mission to guide her students towards self exploration and self acceptance. Maintaining and demystifying the true essence of Yoga as a universal technique to encourage a deeper self-awareness.  Miri has been practising Yoga for over 16 years, it has been part of her life in various shapes since then. Through her Sri Lankan background, she came across Meditation practices at a very early age. In an ever growing world full of distractions and digital saturation, she has increasingly realised the importance of practicing focused attention and the value of reconnecting with your inner core.  While living in the UK, she intensively studied the Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras with Scientist and Vedic Philosopher Acharya Harish Chandra of ‘The Centre for Inner Sciences’, a UK based charity. Miri also studied various Yoga styles in the UK, India, Vietnam, South Korea, Germany & Portugal and is currently focused on Vinyasa and YinYang styles.  While she also enjoys other movement training such as Tai Chi, Animal Flow, HIT, Muay Thai & Thai Massage, she playfully integrates inspirations from different movement styles to spice up her sequences.  Miri has loved teaching Yoga in the UK, Portugal, Germany and virtually across the globe. She was also part of the Yoga Teacher Training team in Thailand, teaching the Philosophy of Yoga and Āsana.

CarolinaYoga Teacher Carolina Castro

Carolina is originally from Portugal. Her yoga journey began in 2016 when she tried her first Vinyasa class with Marta Metrass in Koh Phangan.  She easily acknowledged the benefits of yoga went beyond the physical body.  After 18months of intensive daily practice she went to Mexico to take the 200Hr Teacher Training, credited by Yoga Alliance at Yandara School.
At the end of 2018 she traveled to Bali, Indonesia to teach at Down to Earth Retreat hosted by Irene Ciuci and Lisa Quarticelli. In Bali she had the chance to practice yoga with the best teachers in the world and attending to several healing therapies and workshops, helping her build her own unique teaching style.  Carolina has been a teacher at MoY since September 2018.

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  1. Hi Zoe! I’m travelling Europe And will stay until 3rd october in Lissabon And just coming From a yogaretreat I d love to continue practise. would it be possible to join the vinyasha Class tonight (18:30)?
    Sending you Love And light

  2. hi zoe – i’m visiting from the states and i’d love to take the massage workshop tomorrow. i’m curious if it will be in English or Portuguese? thanks, beth

  3. Hi Zoe,
    I just sent you an email about coming to class this evening. I’m a yoga teacher/retreat leader in Lisbon. I am also interested in the workshop you are hosting there this weekend.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Marina,
      Thanks for getting in touch, you’re welcome to join Yin tonight 🙂 we have 4 spots left for the workshop on Saturday. Let me know if you would like to join in.
      Hope to meet you soon,
      Warm regards

    1. Hi Hannah, our yoga studio is only heated during winter months. Current temp of studio is about 25degrees. Hope you will still join us for practice tomorrow 🙂 but understand if you are looking for a hot studio. Maybe try Hotpod?
      Studio Owner

  4. Hello, Zoe,
    I am travelling Europe, and will be near your studio on 11th of November, in the morning. So, can I drop in to your class from 9 to 10 am?
    Regards from Croatia,

    1. Hi Anita,
      Yes you’re welcome to join a class as a casual student when you come to Lisbon. The booking site can be found on our “timetable” page however I can also make a booking on your behalf. Please let me know if you have any troubles registering yourself.
      Warm regards,

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