Yoga Teacher/Founder- Zoe Taylor

Beginning her yoga practice in 2010, Zoe traveled extensively through Europe, Australia, India, Sri Lanka and Nepal building on her experience and understanding of the benefits of yoga not only to herself but those who choose to practice with her. Zoe’s classes include a strong Vinyasa flow for those looking for a dynamic, creative, sweaty, physical practice.  Hatha Yoga which delves into the tradition of yoga as medicine for the body and mind. Yin as a grounded, deep, therapeutic, mindful release of the joints and connective tissue. Yin Yang to balance out the energies of change and consistency, busy-ness and stillness, holding on and letting go.  All of the practices incorporate, philosophy for the body, mind and spirit helping you along your journey on and off the yoga mat.



Yoga Teacher- Juliana Schmuke

Juliana started her yoga journey 10 years ago in Sydney, Australia and has been practising, learning, and teaching yoga ever since. Originally from New Zealand, Juliana offers an engaging, challenging, fun, and enthusiastic teaching style which radiates positive energy and warmth from the moment you step into her class. Juliana’s vinyasa classes always focus on the importance of alignment, mindfulness, and breath, and getting back to the foundations of the practice. Expect strong, well-paced classes creatively sequenced to a a mixture of traditional and not so traditional music. No two classes will ever be the same



Yoga Teacher- Ruby Morris

Ruby is an eternal yoga student and qualified 250hr yoga teacher. After returning from India her ever developing physical practice, has combined with a deeper connection to the philosophical aspects of yoga. The idea that yoga can go beyond the mat and stretch to benefit every area of yogis life is something she is passionate about. In class expect a physical, strengthening vinyasa sequence with lots of satisfying twists and turns.


Deepa Living


Yoga Teacher- Deepa Bidd

Deepa is a certified 300hr Forrest Yoga Teacher, an Advanced Clinical and Remedial Massage Therapist and Reflexologist.  She is currently completing a 500hr advanced teacher training with Tiffany Cruikshank of Yoga Medicine.  Deepa has worked with a range of people from all walks of life: new mums, people with cancer and terminal illness, people who have suffered physical and emotional trauma. Deepa’s experience and ongoing training has helped to develop an intuitive sense for locating restrictions in the body where, often, there is an emotional aspect attached.  Her sessions focus on improving body awareness and creating more space and freedom in the body.

Rita Amaral

Yoga Teacher – Rita Amaral

Rita began her yoga journey in 2011 when she fell in love with Ashtanga Yoga. Since then she has practiced and studied with several different teachers from around the
world and she has travelled to India to study under the guidance of Paramaguru Sharath Jois, the lineage holder of Ashtanga Yoga. This practice changed her life in so
many different ways that she felt the need to share it and help other people along their own journeys. An eternal student, Rita continues her studies in yoga learning different styles and methods to complement not only her daily practice but also the practice of her students.


KitYoga Teacher- Kit Emilson

At Ministry of Yoga Kit teaches a creative dynamic Strong Slow Flow yoga where the transitions are as important as the positions, and where each class usually differ from the other.  Kit also practices the Slow Living Lifestyle; Slow Food, Slow Travel, Slow Yoga;”back to the roots”. In a Slow Yoga class, we combine deep and slow breath with slow transitions and repetitive movements. Slow Yoga is a grounded, focused and meditative yoga. Kit has practiced yoga for more than 15 years. She is a RYT200 Yoga Alliance teacher, trained with True North Vinyasa. Kit, who is a Swede living in Lisbon, has a background in banking and she is a registered district nurse. Besides teaching at Ministry of Yoga, and at studios in Sweden, Kit is a partner in Simplyrewind.com.’


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Zoe! I’m travelling Europe And will stay until 3rd october in Lissabon And just coming From a yogaretreat I d love to continue practise. would it be possible to join the vinyasha Class tonight (18:30)?
    Sending you Love And light


  2. hi zoe – i’m visiting from the states and i’d love to take the massage workshop tomorrow. i’m curious if it will be in English or Portuguese? thanks, beth


  3. Hi Zoe,
    I just sent you an email about coming to class this evening. I’m a yoga teacher/retreat leader in Lisbon. I am also interested in the workshop you are hosting there this weekend.
    Thank you,


    1. Hi Marina,
      Thanks for getting in touch, you’re welcome to join Yin tonight 🙂 we have 4 spots left for the workshop on Saturday. Let me know if you would like to join in.
      Hope to meet you soon,
      Warm regards


    1. Hi Hannah, our yoga studio is only heated during winter months. Current temp of studio is about 25degrees. Hope you will still join us for practice tomorrow 🙂 but understand if you are looking for a hot studio. Maybe try Hotpod?
      Studio Owner


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