Looking for a new way to bring health and happiness to your workplace? Yoga is known to Reduce Stress, Reduce Pain and Improve Sleep Quality*.  Having the benefit of yoga directly in the office during lunch or after hours can make it simple and easy for your employees to take advantage of the workplace health (rather than gym memberships, we come to you and help encourage particpation).

Zoe the founder of Ministry of Yoga spent 13years working in the Banking Sector and understands the difficulties to find time to look after the physical and mental health week in-week out.  She found that 1 hour twice a week of yoga was all it took to balance the stress hormones in the body, soon physical exercise was no longer a chore but something to look forward to each week whilst the meditation practice gave much needed time to clear the mind. Since 2013, Zoe has shared yoga and meditation in many workplaces, small to large conferences, co working spaces and strategy meetings.

If you feel that the health and wellbeing of your people is vital for your business, please get in touch with Zoe and the MoY team to discuss a tailored program for you and your employees. Phone: +351 937 237 228 Email:

*More information and research on workplace yoga Click Here

Zoe teaching at Websummit for Google 2019