Regular Events Include:

Lisbon Sister Circle (Womens Circle) each month we gather to share our lives in truth and trust, forming friendships and bonds that go beyond the superficial level of life.  Together we learn about the experiences of life, creating a space to cultivate friendship, wisdom and perspective.

Inversion Workshop Level 1 A technical training workshop for practitioners of yoga (minimum 6months of practice) who want to start to experience inversions such as supported headstand, tripod and initiating the forearm and handstand balances.

Inversion Workshop Level 2 A technical training workshop for practitioners looking to advance their forearm and handstand balance, finding equilibrium upside down.  To attend this workshops students should already have a solid foundation for shoulder mobility and weight bearing on their arms.

Yin and Acupuncture A wonderful evening of Yin Yoga with Zoe followed by Acupuncture delivered by a licensed Chinese Medicine practitioner, Hayley Enright.

We also host local and international guest teachers.

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