Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga

What to EXPECT in a Yin class?

Yin yoga is a quiet, relaxing and releasing practice.  Most classes spend the full 60mins horizontal, with few if no standing poses. Yin poses are generally held for longer periods of time, up to 5 minutes, to activate the deep connective tissue of the joints. As Yin yoga targets the bones, ligaments, cartilage and small fascia tissue you may enjoy greater range of joint movement after a consistent Yin practice.  Yin offers an alternative to the ‘Yang’ practice by slowing down the fluctuations of the mind and keeping present in the now. Many students enjoy the effects of meditation and long held yoga poses to release the stress of day to day life.

What are the BENEFITS?

Increased flexibility, improved blood flow to the joints, reduced stress/anxiety/depression

WHO is suited to Yin?

Ideal for all yoga students, sports people and those wanting a relaxing, meditative yoga practice.