Rocket Yoga

Rocket Yoga

What to expect:

Firstly, expect to get sweaty! This is an invigorating, feel good practice based on the Primary series from Ashtanga but which also includes various asanas from the Advanced series too. It was put together by Larry Schultz after training with Patthabi Jois in Mysore India, on returning to the USA after ten years he broke away from the ordered system and became affectionately known as the ‘Bad Boy of Ashtanga’ He took many aspects of Ashtanga with him to develop a practice that became one of the main roots of power yoga. His rebellious spirit and authenticity live on in his sequences which have become famous for their arm balances and inversions, but are more about honouring your practice, challenging and respecting your body and feeling good!

What are the benefits?

The benefits are numerous with Rocket yoga, it’s an undoubtedly strengthening sequence, and with regular practice students will observe how previously challenging or ‘impossible’ asanas gradually start to come together. The intelligent sequencing brings vitality to the body and mind, making it the prefect antidote to those feeling drained of energy. The series also builds confidence – there are no strict attitudes or restrictions in Rocket, students are encouraged to find comfort within themselves and really make the practice their own.

Who is suited to Rocket?

Simply put: Rocket series 1 is an all level practice. Students are free to make sequences and transitions more challenging whilst also always having the option to adapt asanas or completely skip them depending on your body and it’s variables any given day. You will be fully supported in making The Rocket serve you and your needs. As Larry would often say in his classes, “The way you do anything…is the way you do everything” Rocket is all about acting, moving and breathing with awareness – and is consequently beneficial and suitable for everyone!