Mandira Retreats

Mandira Retreats

Take a deep breath and arrive into nature…. in fact during your stay at Mandira there will be a lot of time to land and enjoy the tranquility of nature. This coupled with yogic practices that are specifically designed for live in yogis. Waking each morning to cleanses and breathwork, followed by a wonderful regime of physical postures. Immersing yourself in nature and yoga practices can be one of the best gifts to give yourself. During Zoe’s travels through the East and West she has come to learn that on site stays with yoga (ashrams, retreats, hotels and centres), provided the opportunity to go deeper into the experiences and rekindle the zest for life. From sleeping in tents and tin sheds through to 5 star luxury hotels, Zoe recognised that in the end it was the people and practices that made all the difference.

Knowing the importance of this type of yogic experience, it has been a big 2 years of searching for the right place to host the teachings, then in June 2022 as she walked through the front door of Mandira, she felt it, the location and home was found. After a year of preparation, we are now ready to call you to deepen your yogic experience in our retreat centre, our yoga home.

What and When

Retreat 1: Renew and Restore 22nd-24th September 2023 (retreat info)

Retreat 2: Rocket and Inversion Immersion 5th-8th October 2023 (retreat info)

Retreat 3: Renew and Restore 20th-22nd October 2023 (retreat info)


Our rustic retreat house is set in a tiny Portuguese village called Eira Velha.  A 7 min drive from the township of Vila de Rei, known for the Geodesic Centre of Portugal (where North, South, East and West meet in the country).

We call it rustic as its made from the noble materials of stone and wood, however it was newly renovated from a ruin between 2017-2020.  This charming 6 bedroom village house has 5 living spaces, 4 bathrooms and two terraces which give you a sense of a mini medieval castle as you walk through the front door. We still require a little bit of work to complete the top floor suite and bathroom however we are wanting to go ahead this year and invite you to the space utilising 4 bedrooms. Welcoming the home into its new era of a place to practice yoga.  

Room options (maximum 8 yogis):

2x Twin Bed Share

2x Double Bed Private (option to share as couple or friend)

We provide yoga mats, blocks, blankets, bedding and bath towels.  Please bring your own beach towel, optional to bring your own yoga mat.

Email “I WANT TO JOIN” to Zoe

A) Your chosen retreat date

B) Your room preference 

C) Advise us of any food allergies 

D) Indicate how you wish to pay? MBWAY or PayPal

E) We will send you a payment link and once the funds are received we confirm your spot.

*** please ensure you have our “Confirmation Email” to be certain you have secured your spot.***