Ashtanga Yoga

What to EXPECT in an Ashtanga Yoga class?

Ashtanga Yoga is a Vinyasa style of yoga that combines movement with the breath in
a dynamic and fixed sequence of postures. It requires dedication and discipline as
it will challenge your mind and your body. In return, it will offer you huge benefits
for your health and well-being. The ‘mysore’ style practise is not led by the teacher instead they guide you individually (in a class setting) to learn the sequence at your own pace.

What are the BENEFITS?

Helps to develop strength and flexibility, toning the muscles and lubricating
ligaments and joints; helps with circulation; helps to promote weight loss; calms the
mind promoting inner peace; leads to a higher perception of body-mind connection,
contributing to a higher self-esteem.

WHO is suited to Ashtanga?

For everyone who would like to feel the benefits of a physical yoga practice
combined with a unique journey to self-discovery.