Let’s Reconnect

Let’s Reconnect

1 month today….. a month of Sundays as a friend put it, I closed the studio to public classes.  I miss it, I miss the street, the people, the building. I miss the sound of the door buzzer, the smell of burning incense, your faces as you walk into the room, the mantra music, the energy of practising together on the mat, the uniting Om, the yoga glow of the eyes as we re-engage with the world post-practise.  Yes, these are the things that bring me joy in teaching yoga.  However not all is lost, in fact the truth is as one door closes (literally) another opens…. a small portal opened for us to practise yoga together anywhere in the world.  I am seriously blown away by the many yoga students who have been able to continue their practise with MoY over this last month in a virtual sense.  Now as much as I will say teaching yoga in person will always be my first preference but this is showing me that a virtual class can bring so much joy in many other forms.  It’s reconnection, it’s never saying goodbye, it’s continuing where we left off.  The knowledge of yoga is still shared, we can meditate live together, we can practise at the time of day that suits us energetically best.  It’s siblings and best friends being able to share yoga together across countries, continents and oceans.  Even my Mum can join me daily on the mat from Tasmania.  So what I’m getting to is, a month of Sundays ain’t too bad after all.  As I have learnt in meditation, we can not stay stuck on the past it will only cause misery, we cannot project and create expectations for the future…. it will cause suffering.  We can only find true contentment in living in the moment.  This is our moment.

What does the new monthly MoY Online membership cover? Daily sūtra studies, asanas (Hatha, Vinyasa, YinYang) and meditations. All for a greatly reduced (and comparable to other online yoga programs) price of €25per month (equiv. $45 for Australians). Delivered to you through our YouTube channel: Ministry of Yoga Online

So if you are at a bit of a loose end, needing something to keep you moving, something that destresses you, something to clear the mind.  Get in touch with Zoe and we will have a chat about your online yoga needs. Email: ztaylorministry@gmail.com

Let’s reconnect,


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