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Step onto the Mat

Step onto the Mat

Taking a step onto a yoga mat may seem small in gesture however it often leads to something much, much bigger. For most people it begins their journey through a physical exercise practice, moving their body and breath, shifting dormant energy and lifting the mood of their feelings. As the practice deepens it becomes the growth of conscious awareness, the knowledge of oneself, the witness to existence. When the mind is open, free and liberated whilst the body is at ease, a practicing yogi can experience a state of bliss in being. This too shall pass, it is fleeting, and just like taking a daily bath to cleanse, one must continue to practice. To keep the experience re-occurring even the most senior Yogi’s still need to step onto the mat.

It’s at MoY where we offer you the chance to step onto the mat and practice with a small group of dedicated yogi’s. Our classes are designed to bring you closer to your teacher and the practices of yoga, with a maximum of 8 students per class. We believe in a multi-disciplinary approach to yoga, giving the aspirant a chance to broaden their knowledge and experiences of the practice. One yoga is better than another?…. that is a self-limiting belief, it is what is suited to you at any given moment in your life. From Hatha sun salutations, Vinyasa arm balances, Kundalini kriyas, Dharma talks and guided Yin meditations it’s all relevant in gathering your yogic knowledge and experiences.

Coming up this month we have a couple of specialised events as well as our daily scheduled classes.

Inversion Level 2 Workshop– Ideal for yoga practitioners wanting to advance their handstand practice, finding equilibrium upside down. Facilitated by Ines Barbosa and Zoe Taylor October 22nd 3:30-5:30pm €30pp Bookings and additional information here: Inversion Workshop

Yin Nidra Immersion- Ideal for yoga practitioners looking to deepen their meditative practices, relax consciously and have a deeply profound effect on the nervous system. Facilitated by Daya Lupinacci October 23rd 4-5:30pm €20pp. Bookings and additional information here: Yin Nidra Immersion

Womens Circle- A moment each month at MoY where women can meet to share life, gather perspective, create friendships and meaningful connection. Facilitated by Zoe Taylor October 29th 4-6:30pm donation based (+ optional vegetarian dinner post circle). For more information click here: Lisbon Sister Circle

We welcome you to our space of yoga, whether you are here for a day, a week, a year or a lifetime, drop in…. to step onto the mat.

As always, any questions about starting or continuing your practice feel free to reach out to Zoe otherwise go ahead and book a class (payment made at the studio).

The MoY Team

Spring Time

Spring Time

As we ease into the warmer days, we are also easing into more offerings at MoY.

This last month saw Daya Lupinacci join our team, bringing Kundalini (back), Vinyasa and Yin teachings.  Daya comes with a wealth of knowledge having taught yoga in South America and Europe for many years. Find Daya teaching every Thursday morning on our regular schedule: here

Also in April we formally announced our prenatal yoga options, with 3 teachers trained to help guide you, we will put you in the right direction.  Get in touch with Zoe if you are pregnant and wanting to continue to practice regularly. Email:

With now over 21 classes per week we were able to bring back our membership option of unlimited classes 70€ per month (minimum commitment 3 months). Our full price list can be found here: Link

What a month!

So what’s next???

May 2022 Events:

~7th May Lisbon Sister Circle Time 16h-18h30 donation based

Wanting to meet women living in Lisbon? Wanting to be open to connect with people outside of your regular sphere? Are you willing to listen to the stories of others without judgement or ridicule. This circle is for you! Circle starts at 16h sharp and ends at 18h30.  For more info and to book: Click here

~14th May Inversion Workshop Level 1, Time 15h30-17h30 2hrs 30€

Ideal for yogi practitioners that are wanting to learn techniques to help them invert into a headstand and tripod safely. We also uncover the basics of forearm and handstand. Info and booking

~21st May Inversion Workshop Level 2, Time 15h30-17h30 2hrs 30€

This course was created for those who are ready to challenge their inversion into free standing balance and press. You should have a well established handstand practice using the wall (being able to hold for around 30seconds or more).  Info and booking

For those that are new to MoY we continue to offer our introductory pack of 3 classes for €25 (one time offer) also you may be lucky to find one of our donation classes which is designed to help newly accredited teachers find their groove. We welcome you from near and far, find something that suits your needs.

Let’s keep gathering yogis, one practice at a time!

Zoe and The Marvellous MoY Team

March 2022 Update

March 2022 Update

We have been so pleased to continue to offer a safe space to practice yoga these last few months, as covid restrictions gradually eased we were able to open up more mats per class and no longer required to present a certificate (vaccination/recovery) to enter. This brings a sense of peace to maintaining the studio space and allows us to bring a return of regular workshops and special events.

Over the next few Saturdays we have a bunch of fun and important practices to get amongst:

Inversion Workshop (Level 1) 12th March 15:30h-17:30h

Great for yogi’s who want to deepen their knowledge of inversions, focussed mainly on headstands and tripods with the basics of forearm stands and handstands 2hrs €30pp info/booking

Womens Circle (Lisbon Sister Circle) 26th March 16h-18:30h

Ideal for women looking to connect with other women based in Lisbon, not for networking but genuine friendship and sharing of life 2.5hrs free/donation based info/booking

Yoga Techniques to Manage Stress 2nd April 15h-17h

Wonderful for anyone who is looking for different ways to deal with life stressors, these yogic techniques includes postures, breath work and meditations. 2hrs €30pp info/booking

On a more personal note, it’s difficult to find the words in relation to the ongoing pain and suffering in the world. The hate, the anger, the greed, the ownership, the demands that are enforced upon others. In yoga we study our self to understand patterns that have been embedded, through past experience and the filters of cultural influence to try and free ourselves of this veil. I have been privileged at MoY to see cultural norms broken down, to share space with our neighbours, to be ok in being different, to sit with everyones uniqueness. We will continue to provide a safe space where you can do this inner work, to grow compassion, tolerance and love. To break down the divides, to treat our fellow human beings, animals and nature with the respect everyone (& everything) deserves. Violence leads to violence, revenge leads to revenge, hate leads to hate, greed leads to greed. This must STOP and it STARTS with you. Putting work into your physical, emotional and mental health can help guide you to a more wholesome life, not just for yourself but everyone around you. This provides a platform to think clearly, take action, stop the war, stop the violence, stop the hate.

December 2021 at MoY

December 2021 at MoY

Hi All,

From today 1st December 2021 we are required by law to restrict group classes to students with a covid vaccination certificate or recent negative test (PCR-72hrs or rapid antigen). We know this change will affect a number of our regular students. Please get in touch with Zoe if you need to pause your class pass or require a refund of any unused portion.

On a lighter note, we are coming up to the end of the year and have some fun small gatherings for our community to connect in a different format.

  • Our MoY Community end of year dinner on 14th December, we will go to a wonderful local restaurant for a variety of Vegan and Veggie options, leaving the studio at 7:45pm for an 8pm sitting. Booking is essential so we can give the restaurant an indication of how many of us will be there. This will be seated indoors so Covid Restrictions as above apply. To reserve your spot find MoY Gathering on the app or click here
  • The Women´s Circle will be held on 18th December 4pm-6:30pm. You will find this under “Lisbon Sister Circle” on our booking app, or register here.

Looking forward to continuing to connect in person adhering to the guidelines outlined by the medical and government advisors.

The studio will be closed for the Christmas and New Year period for 14days, 22nd Dec to 4th January 2022, (classes recommence 5th January).

We hope you have a safe and bliss-filled December!

Zoe and the MoY Team

October 2021 Update

October 2021 Update

Today the Portuguese Government eased the restrictions on the general public, one of those effecting indoor yoga classes. We can now welcome students wanting to practice yoga indoors regardless of having been vaccinated or not, without any rapid tests, this feels like freedom is returning. Not unlike the philosophy of yoga, Yamas are personal restraints to bring freedom and liberation of the self. We have all navigated societal restraints these last 18months and we now hold hope for continued freedom opening up moment by moment.

We will continue to offer a well-ventilated space with small numbers of students per class, doing our best to give you a safe environment to receive quality in-person yoga teachings.

The first week of October will see one of our regular MoY Teachers Miri run the studio in the absence of Zoe. Also Lena is stepping in to cover Sonias classes whilst she is teaching at a retreat. From about Mid-October we hope to have more classes scheduled, including 9am Vinyasa. Check out the updated schedule online here

Thank you to all that have been stopping by this last month, it’s been wonderful to welcome new students and have the return of the ‘Old Scholars’.

Here’s to freedom and liberation!

MoY Team

It’s Yoga Time

It’s Yoga Time

Who needs more yoga in their life? 

I know it’s been a long 2 months since the studio was open, this closure being at the height of Summer, we managed to get some rest and renewal during this period. We are now absolutely ready to get back to regular daily practice.

Yoga has an incredible way of restoring balance to our overall health. A balance of movement and stillness for our body, mind and spirit. 

From September 1st 2021, we can accept students with vaccination certificates or recent test for indoor yoga classes (Government requirement). Please come prepared to show your EU Covid vaccination/QR code for your teacher to scan upon arrival.

If you are not vaccinated some of our teachers are sharing outdoor yoga around Lisbon parks so please feel free to reach out via phone or email for the outdoor class offerings. 

Our indoor class participation numbers are still restricted to meet the government requirements which means we cannot offer monthly memberships. We hope to reinstate them in the future when we can increase the number of students per class. In the meantime our class packs do offer discounts if you purchase 5 or 10 classes together. Information on our prices here

We are offering 3 classes per day and hope to bring it back to 5 classes soon, here’s our updated schedule ready for bookings from Wednesday! Book a class 

Thank you so much for supporting our small business, each and every one of you who decide to practice with us in person or online has made a difference in keeping us afloat during these challenging times. We hope to continue to provide you with a safe and welcoming place to practice for years to come. 

All existing passes will have their expiry dates updated to include the 2months we were closed.

Zoe and The MoY Team

We Are Ready to REOPEN on 3rd May 2021

We Are Ready to REOPEN on 3rd May 2021

The time has come and we are genuinely over the moon about recommencing our in person yoga classes. A wonderful new schedule will begin on 3rd May 2021 and is ready for bookings now. After 3.5 months of practicing yoga with YouTube or Zoom, it will be a welcomed sign of relief to get back on the yoga mat in presence. We endeavour to provide a safe space for you to deepen your yogic experience with feedback and guidance specific to the moment. 

  • We will continue to have small groups of 4 people and practice with all 6 windows and the door open providing good ventilation.
  • We require you to sanitise your hands and wear a mask as you enter and exit the space. 
  • Please bring your own mat where possible however our sanitised yoga mats (and blocks) will be available to use. 
  • The teacher will instruct using a mask at all times where possible.
  • Bring a warm scarf, jacket or blanket for savasana and meditation practices
  • If you have been exposed to a positive case, please get tested and wait for a negative result before resuming classes. 
  • If you have any symptoms, please cancel your class and seek guidance from SNS. 
  • Keep your phone number and email up to date so we can inform you if there are any cancellations.

Due to reduction of class size it is imperative for the studio’s future that class cancellations are well managed. Please honour the space you have booked and if you need to cancel, please give 6hours or more notice so the waitlist students can be notified by email. 

We will continue with class passes, 10 pack, 5 pack and drop in. ****New students can purchase a 3 pack trial for €25.**** All purchases are made in the studio or via bank transfer.

All active passes will be extended to include the 3.5 month closure. 

Go ahead and book your classes here 

Any questions please contact Zoe 


P: +351 937 237 228

See you soon!

The MoY Team

2021 The Mixer

2021 The Mixer

Today we launched our Ministry of Yoga online collaboration with 6 Teachers offering 7 styles of yoga. We have a wonderful programme that allows participants to deepen their knowledge of yoga by studying the many pathways to bliss, exploring what works best for them in this moment. Lena shares her knowledge of Ashtanga Yoga, Erin with Hatha, Sonia with Vinyasa Slow Flow, Bettina with Kundalini, Miri with Pranayama & Meditation and Zoe with Float (Inversion&Arm Balance) Flow and Yin Yoga. Although as teachers we love sharing 60/90mins sessions, we understand that yoga can also be practiced in as little as 20mins. So we have curated 20min classes for 21 days of practice…. 20×21 The Mixer!

These are pre recorded and uploaded to our private YouTube Channel so you can practice in the morning, afternoon or evening…. Repeat them as often as you like. We also have a private Facebook group where you can interact with other participants and the teachers, send us questions, photos of postures and share your practice. There is still time to join in, however you will need to start your 21 days from the day you register.

Yoga has an incredible amount of benefits, not only supporting a strong, supple body but it also gives rise to a positive state of mind.

The course fee is a once off payment of €25

Email Zoe for details of how to register:

Temporary Closure Covid-19

Temporary Closure Covid-19

As many of you are aware through our social media pages Facebook and Instagram, the yoga studio is closed to public classes as of 15th January 2021, adhering to the regulations set by the Portuguese government to help slow the spread and save lives regarding the Covid-19 Pandemic.

We know that confinement isn’t easy, physically or mentally and we hope to help keep your spirits up with our online class offerings. Currently we have over 125 pre-recorded classes available, which can be purchased in 1 month packs or bundles relating to the courses available (21 Day Yoga Challenge, Yoga Sutras Book 1, Yoga Sutras Book 2) starting from €25. There is also a number of free classes, including Hatha, Yoga Nidra and a short morning flow, on our YouTube Channel.

In the near future we will run a collaboration with some of the wonderful Ministry of Yoga teachers, bringing another yoga course to your homes.

As per last lockdown, all passes are temporarily suspended and expiration dates extended for the period of restrictions (including those still paused since March). If you require a refund, please get in touch with us via email

Thank you to the many who have offered words of support and participated in our alternative arrangements to tie us over until we can meet again in person.

May you and your loved ones stay safe,

Zoe and The MoY Team

Move Forward and Feel Safe

Move Forward and Feel Safe

Welcome Yogi’s,

It’s the time many of us have been patiently waiting for, the return to in person yoga classes at MoY.  The most important part of this transition is that you feel safe to come to practice. From Monday 31st August we are opening the space to accommodate 4 yoga students + the teacher per class.  We have reduced and changed hours for classes, please checkout our new schedule here.

As we know not everyone is ready to join in person which is understandable, in this case Zoe is continuing to record classes on our Private YouTube Channel, you can register by emailing Zoe;

Due to these changes and reduction of students able to practice day to day,  we will not be able to provide unlimited memberships for the time being (Zoe will be in touch with those that currently hold a pass).  All class packs, drop in’s and introductory offer still stand. Those with existing packs, your expiry date will be reactivated from Monday 31st August.  We now also require 8 hours’ notice for cancelation otherwise the class is deducted from your MoY pass, this gives the chance for the waitlist to activate and give adequate notice to your fellow yogi’s who want to attend.

We are cautiously moving forward and we ask you when possible to bring your own yoga mat or grip towel (our mats will be heavily sanitised after each use), we will have disinfectant to use before and after class for hands.  Our suggestion is to find one or two classes you want to attend each week and rebook them, that way you meet the same teacher and other students weekly. I know this goes without saying, however if you have any symptoms of an infection or have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive, please wait 14 days and/or a negative test result until you return to classes.

Let’s take a step forward and observe the path that appears,

See you on the mat 🙂

Zoe and The MoY Team