2021 The Mixer

2021 The Mixer

Today we launched our Ministry of Yoga online collaboration with 6 Teachers offering 7 styles of yoga. We have a wonderful programme that allows participants to deepen their knowledge of yoga by studying the many pathways to bliss, exploring what works best for them in this moment. Lena shares her knowledge of Ashtanga Yoga, Erin with Hatha, Sonia with Vinyasa Slow Flow, Bettina with Kundalini, Miri with Pranayama & Meditation and Zoe with Float (Inversion&Arm Balance) Flow and Yin Yoga. Although as teachers we love sharing 60/90mins sessions, we understand that yoga can also be practiced in as little as 20mins. So we have curated 20min classes for 21 days of practice…. 20×21 The Mixer!

These are pre recorded and uploaded to our private YouTube Channel so you can practice in the morning, afternoon or evening…. Repeat them as often as you like. We also have a private Facebook group where you can interact with other participants and the teachers, send us questions, photos of postures and share your practice. There is still time to join in, however you will need to start your 21 days from the day you register.

Yoga has an incredible amount of benefits, not only supporting a strong, supple body but it also gives rise to a positive state of mind.

The course fee is a once off payment of €25

Email Zoe for details of how to register: ztaylorministry@gmail.com

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